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Uninstall reason







It looks like you don't like our software. Please understand that with such large pool of users it is difficult to make everybody happy. HOWEVER, we are striving to improve the program. We promise!



Please click the link if the reason is found below:

  • Feature not found
    I need a certain feature that is not present in BioniX Wallpaper. There are over 350 features in BioniX. Many customers make the same assumption because they don't know the program well enough. So, please check the 'Features' page. Also, check the manual. if the feature is not there you can submit a feature request.
  • Bug
    There is a bug that make the program inoperable.
  • Freeware
    I need a freeware program.
  • Antivirus
    My antivirus reports that BioniX is a virus.
  • Temporary uninstall
    I only temporary uninstall the program (for example, for upgrade reasons).

    Please note that uninstalling the program will probably NOT fix the issues you have.
    Instead of uninstalling you want to delete the settings (INI) file. Note: No feedback is required in this case.


Also, please let us know how long did you used the program before uninstalling it.
And don't forget to take a look at the User Manual.

Support/Bug report








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