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BioniX Wallpaper Changer - Contact





Technical support


Email: contact at


Please read the manual BEFORE requesting technical support via email.

Anyone can submit a bug report.

Only registered customers can open a support ticket.



Feature requests


Don't hesitate to flood us with feature requests. They are ALL welcome as long as they are properly described.




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Advertise within our software


For a modest monthly fee, you can place your advertisement into our program. You will create an images (style as an wallpaper) in which you place your advertisement. We will deliver that wallpaper with our product. Millions of users will see your wallpaper. The conditions are negotiable.



Rebranding our software


We have experience in creating a custom branch of our software and rebranding it to other companies. Please let us know your exact requirements and your budget.



Bundling (printed magazines)


Are you a publication and you want to distribute our software on your magazine's CD/DVD?.





Are you a specialized web site (PR4 and higher) and you want to write a review about BioniX Wallpaper? We can provide you a free license so you can fully test our product.



Bundling (with hardware goods)


You are a hardware manufacturer (digital photo cameras, scanners, monitors, etc) and you want to bundle our software with your product's CD?



Software on demand


Do you need a specific tool? We have the necessary background to implement it for you in a short period. The payment is done in 25% installments, paid as the project progresses. We don't need to see our portfolio. BioniX Wallpaper speaks for itself.


Services provided by us

  • Windows software
  • web sites
  • banners, graphics, logos
  • SEO & marketing

The software applications we create:

  • are monolithic
  • are portable (put it on a stick and take it with you)
  • don't need to be installed
  • don't need administrator rights
  • are small (maximum 5-10MB)
  • are really really really fast



Web/Link exchange


We are only interested in link exchange if your web site has PR3 or higher and it is somehow related to our domain (wallpaper/multimedia/graphics).



Affiliate program


Sell our product on your web site and you will get a share for each sale. Details on this page.



Get free licenses


Place BioniX advertisement on your web site and we will offer you several (the number depends on your traffic) free BioniX licenses to offer them as prizes to your web site visitors or to resell them at any price you want.


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