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BioniX Wallpaper Photo Pile



BioniX Wallpaper Photo Pile allows you create a photo pile (collage) from your your cell phone/digital camera images (or other sources).

The program can automatically create a new collage every few minutes (you can customize the interval) as set the collage as desktop background (wallpaper). BioniX Wallpaper Photo Pile is FREEWARE !


Desktop wallpaper collage (photo pile)


You can customize:

  • the input images
  • the background image
  • the frame size
  • the spacing between images
  • the size of each photo 'tile'

desktop wallpaper photo pile wallpaper

BioniX Wallpaper Photo Pile

Package Date Download link
v1.0 2016


This program is now delivered with the BioniX Wallpaper package. Please download that package instead.







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