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Advanced topics




How to switch BioniX to BetaTester mode


To put BioniX in BetaTester mode, locate the folder where BioniX is installed (default C:\BioniXWallpaper\).
In that folder, there is a sub-folder called "System". Create an empty file called "betatester".
Note that the file should have no file an extension. You could use Notepad for that. Or better TotalCommander.
Check Google on how to create a file without extension if you don't know how.
Then restart BioniX.

In BT mode, additional menus/info will be available.


How to check if it worked?

  • In the "About" window, a new tab called BT will appear. It will also show a button called "Generate crash".
  • In the "Monitor preview" area, the mini-monitors will show the monitor ID.



The INI file


Every aspect of the program that can be configured via GUI can be also configured via the INI file.

A name convention was used in the INI file for all fields that refer to GUI element (control). For example in this naming convention, references to buttons start with 'btn' (for example btnNextWallpaper), radio boxes start with 'rad' (for example radCustomZoom), check boxes with 'chk' (for example chkShuffle), etc

It is safe to delete any entry from INI file since BioniX will rebuild that entry and initialize it to the default value.



Reseting the program to Factory Defaults


If you encounter a program and you want to restore BioniX to its initial condition, reinstalling the program will most likely NOT help.

Instead you need to delete the INI file.

Super important! Shut down BioniX before deleting the INI file.


You can also delete the INI file from inside the program. See the "Reset settings" button in the screenshot below.



Locating the INI file


The INI file is located in the %AppData% folder. See the screenshot below.

Replace the three dots with your Windows account name/user name.

Press "Copy all" to copy the content of the INI file to clipboard.


Super important:

The program applies any current changes you made to BioniX GUI imediatelly.
However the settings are not saved to the INI file until you close the program!






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