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Rain Drop Animated Wallpaper

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BioniX RainDrop animates your desktop background wallpaper with breath-taking rain effects.




  • Rain over wallpaper
  • Leaves trail of droplets behind your mouse pointer
  • The user can specify which areas of the wallpaper to be hit by the rain and which to be sheltered


System requirements:

  • 2GHz CPU or higher. 1GB RAM
  • Delivered as single EXE file
  • PC friendly - No crakware (DLLs, registry, DotNet, Java, Service Packs, etc) required
  • Pure freeware




Rain Shelter


The RainShelter module allows you to specify which region of your screen/wallpaper to receive rain.


Let's say you want to draw rain only in the lower half of an image called 'CalmLake.jpg'.
To do this, open 'CalmLake' in an image editor (PaintShop Pro, PhotoShop, MS Paint, etc).
Paint with pink (Fuchsia/$FF00FF) the area the you want have rain in it.
When done, save file as PNG (JPG will distort the colors so it will not work).
Exit your image editor. For the file you jsut save, change file extension from '.png' to '.RainShelter'. Make sure that the both files (the original .JPG image and the new .RainShelter file) are in the same folder.
Don't worry if the program will not list the RainShelter file. This is as intended.
Now double click the 'CalmLake.jpg' to start the animation. The program will only let droplets fall in the area specified by you (with pink color).

BioniX Rain Drop Animated Background Wallpaper

Version Date Download link Antivirus report
v3.5 23 March 2018 Download Google VirusTotal


How to install Raindrop animated wallpaper?

  • No installation required. To uninstall: just delete the program if you don't want it anymore in your computer.
  • No administrator privileges required to run Raindrop animated wallpaper.



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