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Webshots WB1 file converter

How to extract images from Webshots WB1 files?





What is Webshots?


Webshots is a small wallpaper changer utility that allows you to add photos to your desktop and share them with your friends. Webshots also allowed you to upload, store and share photos in your Webshots account.


The program was not popular for its feature set but its wallpaper collection. It has fewer features than Desktop Wallpaper Changer and any other wallpaper changer software. It doesn't have support for dual-monitor, drag & drop wallpapers, countdown, auto resize functions. The playlist editor is also very limited. Actually the number of wallpapers you can add to a collection (a collection is the term used in Webshots for playlist) is limited to a very very small value: 128.

Smile: Webshots is dead!


A recent announcement on the official web site shows that Webshots project was abandoned this winter. The Webshots software was replaced by Smile which is more a photo sharing service than a desktop wallpaper changer program.



With BioniX, Webshots users still can use WB1 files provided by Webshots


The WB1 files used by Webshots are not compatible with Smile so the Webshots users are stuck with tons of images encrypted in WB1 format that they use anymore. They have to convert the WB1 files back to JPG or other image format and then install a 3rd party wallpaper changer in order to put those images on desktop. However, no converter was provided on the official web site.


The good news is that BioniX Desktop Wallpaper Changer now provides support for WB1 file format.


Advantages of BioniX Wallpaper over Webshots:

  • Full access to your original WB1 wallpaper collection
  • Feature rich wallpaper manager
  • The playlists are no longer limited to 128 images (up to 500000 images are supported in the Ultimate edition)
  • BioniX is fair to its user. It doesn't lock its users with strange/proprietary formats (such as WB1)

In the next version:

  • The program will show a 'preview image' also for WB1 wallpapers
  • The playlist will show the image resolution for WB1 files
  • Support for WBC and WBX files


Here are some of BioniX Wallpaper Changer features Webshots doesn't have:
  • Change wallpaper at random intervals
  • Easy wallpaper management
  • Advanced playlist editor
  • Thematic playlists
  • Multi-sort/shuffle playlist
  • Easy switch playlists (double-click a playlist in Windows Explorer to automatically load it)
  • Functions to easily sort wallpapers by category
  • Advanced 'play' management: change wallpaper instantly, change after a period of time, change wallpaper once and close itself
  • Smart wallpaper borders fading (multiple effects)
  • Support for JPG, JPG 2000, GIF, PNG, BMP, WB1, etc
  • Wallpaper best fit functions
  • Advanced resamplers (so you won't loose image quality when the wallpapers are resized)


Download BioniX Wallpaper Changer with Webshots support now!



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