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BioniX Background Background Switcher

Affiliate Program




Do you have a website that offers products or services complementary to ours? Please consider joining our Affiliate Program.

When you join the BioniX Wallpaper Affiliate Program, you can make money just by referring people who buy a BioniX Background Switcher license. You can start selling our software as affiliate right today. We can offer a nice percent (commission) of each license you sale (negotiable based on the amount of sales) or we can sell you the license at a lower price and you can resell it at any price you like.


The commission you receive for each transaction depends on:

  •  the amount of monthly sales
  •  your region (for unique resellers)
  •  the type of marketing campaign that you perform

BioniX Wallpaper Refferal Program



How to start selling the product


We use the affiliate framework offered by BlueSnap to deal with payments. You will use this framework to sell our product.



How does it work?

  1. Determine which of our product(s) you would like to resell. Trial versions of all our products are available for download.
  2. Place the description of the product on your website. Announce the program to your customers and website visitors.
  3. Add our product to your online ordering catalog at any price you choose.
  4. Create an affiliate account (is free/takes less than 2 minutes) at (BlueSnap is our payment processor).
  5. Immediately upon purchasing, customers receive a registration code via email which unlocks the trial version of the software and your commission will be transferred into your BlueSnap account immediately.



How to create a BlueSnap account


On BlueSnap web site press the “Learn more” button below the “Become an Affiliate” description. When your account is ready, send us your account name and we will send you an invitation to start selling our products. We recommend you to play around a bit to get used with your account. When ready please accept this invitation.

If you have additional questions, you can ask BlueSnap or you can ask us.



Get BioniX for free


You can get BioniX Extreme edition for free via .

Find more methods to get BioniX Desktop Background Changer for free on this page.










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