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Lock on folder




Lock on folder will import into the playlist all desktop wallpapers in the specified folder. The playlist is automatically updated as you add/remove wallpapers from that folder.


Lock on folder


Folder - The folder you want to monitor for changes. Every time you add/delete files to that folder BioniX Desktop Background Switcher will add them to your playlist.


Recent - Shows a list of recent folders you have monitored using the Lock on folder function.


Monitor folder for changes:

  1. at program start up - In order to minimize CPU and disk activity, BioniX Background Switcher automatically reads the folder only when it starts up. Press the Read folder now button to force BioniX Background Switcher to re-read the content of the folder (for example after you added new images to that folder).
  2. always - BioniX Background Switcher will continuously monitor the content of the folder for changes.


Easily add or delete wallpapers from playlist with Lock on folder function


When Lock on folder is active you cannot modify the playlist. If you want to rename, delete or add wallpapers you can modify the files in the folder you locked on disk. If you enabled the Lock on folder option, every time you add/delete files to the folder you choose to monitor they will be added to your playlist.



Lock on folder tricks





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