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Adding online images to the playlist





You can add online images (from any website) and dynamic web cameras directly into your playlist. BioniX will automatically download those images.


How to add online images to your playlist?


While in BioniX, press Insert key on your keyboard. This will open a dialog box that allows you to add one or more URLs.


online desktop wallpaper images



live web cam as desktop wallpaper


Since BioniX can refresh (re-download) the image every few seconds several special uses can result from this:


Panoramic web cams


Enter the URL of a dynamically generated image (for example, a public web cam, street view web cam, beach web cam, etc) to display those beautiful images on your desktop.




If you have a web cam that is monitoring something (entrance, baby, etc) enter the URL of your web cam to display the monitored subject on your desktop. This is similar


Corporate use


You need to put your company logo on all your employee computers? Install BioniX in all computers and the upload the your logo on your web site. Enter the URL of your image into BioniX. Every time you update the logo the desktop wallpaper will be automatically updated also. For details see this page.


Commercial use


You have several monitors in your shop's window to display info about your business/merchendise and you need to rotate/update the images every minute/hour/day?

Upload your images on your FTP/web site and enter the URL to those images into BioniX.


Remote computer assistance/communication


You need to comunicate/reminde something to your emaplyees every morning? Upload your anouncement (as image) on your FTP/web site and enter the URL to that image into BioniX. Every time you update the anouncement your emaployees will be up to date.



What kind of images can it display?


BioniX only accepts picture-type images (jpg, png, gif, etc). It doesn't recognize a live streaming "movie". This also includes Flash streaming.


Who can you recognize if an image will work or not in BioniX?

If you right click the image/web cam and you see a 'save image as...' or 'download image' menu, then it will work. If you see a Flash menu (Zoom in/Zoom out) then it will not work.




List of webcams (for your convenience):






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