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BioniX Desktop Wallpaper main interface




Shuffle play wallpapers



Start/Stop count down timer

Press the "Start countdown" button or double click an wallpaper to start playing the wallpapers on your desktop. When the time is up, a new wallpaper will be set on your desktop. To stop BioniX Background Switcher press the "Stop countdown" button.



Set previous/current/next wallpaper

To set the previous wallpaper press the left arrow button or the Control + P key combination.

Press the arrow down button to set the current wallpaper. You can also Press F5 key or double click the current wallpaper.

To set the next wallpaper press the right arrow button or the Control + Alt + N key combination or you can choose which key combination you want.

You can also use the Wallpaper menu for these functions.



Set current wallpaper
Set current selected image as wallpaper. Hint: You can also double click the image to set it as wallpaper. Keyboard shortcut: F5



Panic mode

Quick! Your boss is coming! Press the Panic button (!) to replace the sexy blonde girl wallpaper you have on your desktop with decent wallpaper.

Don't forget to pretend you're busy!


sexy desktop wallpaper



Minimize all applications except BioniX

Press this button to minimize all the opened applications except BioniX Background Switcher.



Time interval

Drag the little arrow in the Next wallpaper panel to can change the time interval when the wallpaper will be changed. BioniX Background Switcher is extremely flexible and it allows you to choose any interval you want between one second and 550 hours (about 24 days).



Timed wallpaper

BioniX Background Switcher can set a specific wallpaper at a specific hour. The hour must be present in the wallpaper's name.



Shuffle play wallpapers

Toggle playlist shuffling (pick wallpapers in random order).

Shuffle cannot be enabled if you want to use an online webcam as the source of your wallpaper.
If Suffle is enabled, then the program will move to the next wallpaper in the playlist, loosing the ability to display the webcam on your desktop!



The Countdown menu

Increase or decrease the time interval when the wallpaper is changed.

When you start the countdown the wallpaper will be changer at the specified time interval.

BioniX Background Switcher Manual - Wallpaper menu







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Start/Stop count down timer