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BioniX Wallpaper

Release history




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What's new in Wallpaper Changer v12?


A total of 101 features were introduced in v12 and 140 issues were fixed.

Here are some of the new features: Matrix background animation, Eye-candy calendar blended over wallpaper, Video support, Faster playlist, etc

Full list here.



What's new in BioniX Wallpaper Changer v11?


Important changes/improvements:

v11.45: Show thumbnails in playlist.

v11.45: Let user access skins easily.

v11.45: BioniX comes now with 8 cool skins (4 dark, 4 light).

v11.45: BioniX GUI is now fully DPI aware (however, the main menu icons and logo images are not!).

v11.40 New feature: BioniX can now automatically decide how to resize the wallpaper based on its aspect ratio (fill/fit)

v11.30 Automatic wallpaper size detection: BioniX will automatically detect which is the best approach to resize the wallpaper to perfectly fit your desktop

v11.20 Custom graphic properties (mirror, tile, zoom, saturation, contrast, etc) can be now configured for each individual wallpaper

v11.20 Custom graphic properties (mirror, tile, zoom, saturation, contrast, etc) can be now configured globally (for each all wallpapers)

v11.30 Improved 'Wallpaper properties' window

v11.30 Improved 'Automatic background color detection' window

v11.02 The user can change font size for all GUI, from the Settings window

v11.02 Countdown time (time until next wallpaper) shows in task bar

v11.11 MASSIVE architecture changes in PhotoPile

v11.11 MASSIVE changes in Wallpaper Properties

v11.02 MASSIVE speed improvement when loading images from disk

v11.02 MASSIVE speed improvement when extracting thumbnails from static (normal) images

v11.02 MASSIVE speed improvement when extracting thumbnails from animated gifs

v11.02 MASSIVE speed improvements in PhotoPile

v11.02 MASSIVE speed improvement when loading images from disk

v11.02 MASSIVE speed improvement when extracting thumbnails from static (normal) images

v11.02 MASSIVE speed improvement when extracting thumbnails from animated gifs

v11.02 MASSIVE improvements in PhotoPile.


v11.00 New helper tool released: Video Wallpaper

v11.00 New helper tool released: BioniX RainDrop


Other changes/improvements:

v11.43: The "auto updater" settings tab is hidden until the user chooses to show it.

v11.41 The user can click the "Downloading wallpaper " to view the image directly on the original website. Good for when Bionix cannot download a wallpaper.

v11.41 The width of the first column ('Wallpaper Name') in the playlist is now automatically expanded

v11.41 The bug reporting tool was upgraded from EurekaLog to MadShi MadExcept (trial version) .

v11.41 Switching from 'Full graphic user interface' to 'Simplified graphic user interface' will show/hide some irrelevant columns in the playlist

v11.41 Removed the 'Played' column from the playlist.

v11.40 The user can apply skins/themes.

v11.40 New playlist format. The old formats are still supported.

v11.35 Added tooltip for "animation settings" btn in the toolbar.

v11.32 We only show advanced menus if the GUI is in ADVANCED mode

v11.30 The 'Wallpaper options' tab was re-organized

v11.30 The user can choose which panels to show on the main (top) GUI: Monitors, Quick tools, Timer, Preview panel

v11.30 The GUI was uncluttered by moving some less important panels from the main GUI to a dedicated (default hidden) window

v11.30 'Monitors' moved to the main (top) GUI

v11.2x PhotoPile: User can set rotation randomness level, including 0 (no rotation)

v11.2x Autorotate thumbnails based on EXIF

v11.02 Improved splash screen (uses a separate thread now, better antialiasing)

v11.02 Improved code in "skins"

v11.02 fixed: when trying to resize playlist columns, the clicked column was first sorted and then resized.

v11.02 Downloading wallpaper panel: changed ugly lime color in the waiting panel, show only the website name, show Busy cursor, added icon FOR "downloading".

v11.02 Downloading wallpaper panel: also add an icon that means "downloading".

v11.02 "Details about ini file" moved to a different tab

v11.00 Improved updater

v11.00 Improved power management

v11.00 Improved 'Clock as wallpaper'



What's new in v10?


Animated wallpapers

  • Support for AVI files (DivX and MPG compression). Simply drag and drop a video to your playlist.
  • Supports online videos. The video file must be directly accessible. Videos accessible via scripts or streaming (YouTube) are not YET supported.
  • Preview for video files
  • Decreased CPU usage when playing animated files
  • Improved GIF Animator
  • Animation (GIF/AVI) can now be played on both monitors ('Force animation below desktop icons' must be enabled)

Online wallpaper

  • Online images/wallpapers can now be added directly to playlist
  • At start up, the user is presented with several lists of online wallpapers (a total of over 50000 items) to choose from
  • Next wallpaper is automatically pre-downloaded (in background) for a smoother experience
  • Improved speed when adding thousands of online images into the playlist
  • Download ALL images from a website with AID (Automatic Image Downloader)
  • Added tool to extract URLs from local HTML or text file


  • Massive GUI layout improvements. The GUI is now resizable
  • Improved icons in main menu and buttons
  • Cool splash screen at program startup
  • The user can now switch between Advanced and Simplified user interface (see Settings menu)


  • Faster startup
  • Faster routines to change the wallpaper on Win 8 / Win 10
  • Smaller memory footprint. BioniX now uses only 30MB of RAM in standby and about 60MB when changing the wallpapers (memory requirements depend HEAVILY on your monitor and wallpaper resolution!)


  • Wallpaper properties (image orientation, fill/fit to desktop, tile, color enhancements, etc) can now be customized individually, for each individual wallpaper
  • New image effect: smoothing
  • New image effect: lightness
  • New image effect: darkness
  • Improved Tile/Mirror effect

Playlist editor

  • NEW: Delete from playlist all images that have been already played
  • Put on desktop next wallpaper when current wallpaper is deleted

Multimonitor support

  • Major improvements in multi-monitor support
  • Information about multi-monitor is now instantly updated

Installer & updater

  • Automatic updater: inform the user when a new version is available online
  • Updated uninstaller

Day/night wallpaper

  • Now supports 'Shuffle'
  • Now takes into account ALL items in the playlist (including online wallpapers)
  • Detection of dark/light wallpapers improved

Other new features

  • The user can now send an image to BioniX via command line. Example: BionixWallpaper.exe -"c:\wallpapers\image.jpg"
  • Embedded screensaver. Play your favorite wallpapers as screensaver when you are away from your computer. The images are picked from current playlist.
  • Improved: Clock on desktop
  • Improved; Calendar over wallpaper





By release:


v10.93 Notice: BioniX cannot download GIFs from gifgifgifgifgif.com. Reason: the website incorectly redirects URLs (301)

v10.93 Improved: Onter improvements in the 'Playlist' -> 'Show' menu

v10.92 Internal: better bug report. BioniX is brought to front in case of an error.

v10.92 Updated: info about supported videos - Only AVI supported now

v10.92 IMPORVED: Bug reporting system (EurekaLog)

v10.92 IMPORVED: Systray pop-up menu

v10.91 IMPROVED: Controls for 'Video animator'

v10.91 IMPROVED: Clock on desktop

v10.91 Massive GUI layout improvements

v10.91 The GUI is now resizable

v10.91 IMPROVED: When downloading online files: added unique identifier in file name otherwise two online files might have the same fine name. RWallpaper9.DownloadFile

v10.91 IMPROVED: if user is running an older version, always show that in the main GUI

v10.90 Removed 'shift + number' as action shortcuts because the user will not be able to write stuff. it will call the action instead!

v10.90 Updated uninstaller

v10.89 BioniX does not get the 'news' from cache anymore. Now it reads the 'fresh' news file directly from server.

v10.89 Added 'User email address to 'Report bug' tab

v10.89 INTERNAL: Improved GenerateSelfReport. Each individual section is not protected with Try/Except

v10.88 INTERNAL: New check against 'Countdown times up while ClockOnDesktop was active' added in StartCountDown.

v10.88 INTERNAL: Added message: 'Cannot open News file. BioniX blocked by overzealous antivirus?

v10.88 INTERNAL: Added message: 'The program cannot load its logo/graphics. Your antivirus is probably a bit to overzealous! (Are you using IOBit? Consider switching to a better program.

v10.88 INTERNAL: The AtomGarbageCollector was integrated into the program

v10.88 Updated 'High DPI Resolution Reader' app

v10.88 Updated 'High DPI Resolution Reader' initialization

v10.88 BioniX continues to work even if 'High DPI Resolution Reader' app is not present or cannot run

v10.87 Now videos can be added via 'Add images to playlist'

v10.87 Now videos can be added via 'Add folders to playlist'

v10.87 Now videos can be added via 'drag and drop'

v10.87 Now BioniX also supports online videos. The video file must be directly accessible. Videos accessible via scripts or streaming (YouTube) are not YET supported.

v10.86 NEW: Preview for video files

v10.86 NEW: The user can now switch between Advanced and Simplified user interface (see Settings menu)

v10.86 NEW: BioniX will start the countdown when a NEW playlist is loaded via command line (user double clicks a playlist file in Windows Explorer) shizof@******.com

v10.85 NEW: Decreased CPU usage when showing animated files

v10.85 IMPROVED: Massively improved video animator.

v10.85 IMPROVED: Better support for VIDEO files.

v10.80 Some improvments in GIF Animator

v10.80 Internal: Small fix in Eureka log (list license details)

v10.80 Internal: Changed bug report description in email field

v10.72 IMPROVED: Better 'system report' and Eureka bug report

v10.72 Changed: Shuffle is not stored anymore in each individual playlist-this creates problems with LockOnFolder. Instead it is saved to the INI file (as up to v10.69)

v10.70 IMPROVED: Icons

v10.70 Changed: NEW shortcuts for 'Go to...' menu }

v10.69 NEW: At start up, the user is presented with several lists of online wallpapers, to choose from. A total of over 50000 wallpapers

v10.6? NEW: implement wallpaper smoothing effect

v10.67 NEW: Now information about dual monitor is instantly updated

v10.67 NEW: Preview: do not redownload an online image if the image is webcam/dynamic and the last time I downloaded the image was more than 30 minutes ago

v10.67 NEW: Wallpaper properties can now be also accessed from the 'Wallpaper' menu

v10.62 NEW feature: 'Delete from playlist already played'

v10.60 BioniX uses a more advanced function to change the wallpaper on Win 8 / Win 10

v10.60 Better multi monitor support

v10.60 Check for news when the user presses the Next Wallpaper btn. The program will only check once per day

v10.60 Don't let user invoke 'wallpaper properties' on GIF images. gray the menu

v10.60 Faster startup

v10.60 Gif animation plays on both monitors if the are set in Windows to 'Extend' AND 'Force animation below desktop icons' is enabled!

v10.60 Icon for 'add online image' to playlist

v10.60 Improved (smaller) memory footprint. BioniX now uses about 30MB of RAM in standby and about 60MB when changing the wallpapers (top memory requirements depend HEAVILY on your monitor and wallpaper resolution!)

v10.60 Improved calendar

v10.60 Improved 'Darkness' (additional do Lightness and ColorSaturation)

v10.60 Info tab -> System -> Here the user can find the location of the INI file

v10.60 Let user know that animated wallpapers are always shown in CLONE mode (for the moment you cannot have individual animated wallpapers for each monitor)

v10.60 Let user set independent properties (image orientation, fill/fit to desktop, tile, color enhancements, etc) for each individual wallpaper? The properties will be memorized between sessions.

v10.60 LockOnFolder - TFrmBioniX.FolderContentChanged -> temporary disable preview otherwise it will preview ALL images in folder

v10.60 MAJOR GUI improvements

v10.60 Major improvements in multi-monitor support

v10.60 NEW icons

v10.60 Playlist format upgraded. Playlists save with old versions of BioniX are still supported

v10.60 Restrictions in Demo version were a bit relaxed

v10.60 Some online images could not be downloaded because the server requires a valid referer: http://www.guoguiyan.com/data/out/124/70280001-material-wallpapers.jpg

v10.60 Support for AVI files

v10.60 Tabs rearranged

v10.60 The use can now send an image to BioniX via command line. Example: BionixWallpaper.exe -"c:\wallpapers\image.jpg"

v10.60 The user can start AID (Automatic Image Downloader) from 'Add online image' menu

v10.60 Users won't see announcements related to updates. Show notification in a MsgDlg modal.

v10.60 Warn user if: 1) he plays an animated GIF and 2) is in Win7 3) has more than 1 monitor 4) the 'paint below desktop icons' is disabled warn that 'You must activate 'Paint below desktop icons' in order to see the animation on both monitors

v10.11 Show next wallpaper when current wallpaper is deleted ('Delete to recyclebin' button pressed)

v10.11 PreDownload next wallpaper (in advance) to be ready for it when th e'Next wallpaper' is pressed

v10.09 Improved speed when adding thousands of online images into the playlist

v10.08 Embedded screensaver

v10.05 License key system upgraded to Proteus v8.1 (New key required)

v10.04 Switched to Bionix10 at BionixWallpaper.com email address. contact at BioniXWallpaper dot com is now obsolete

v10.00 Move Playlist in a main tab

v10.00 Extract URLs from HTML/Plain text

v10.00 Major changes in GUI. The GUI is a bit more uncrowded now. Main menu rearanged.

v10.00 Improved icons in the main buttons

v10.00 Added 'Run default screensaver' function under 'Screen' main menu

v10.00 Better handling when extracting file name from URLs

v10.00 Splash screen

v10.00 The 'Day/night wallpaper' now supports Shuffle

v10.00 The 'Day/night wallpaper' now takes into account ALL items in the playlist (including online wallpapers)

v10.00 The 'Day/night wallpaper' was enhanced to include more words

Changes in BioniX Background Switcher v9




Show animated GIFs as animated wallpaper
Download all pictures with resolution higher than x from the specified URL
Add online images directly to the playlist
Change wallpaper only at hours specified by user. For example, daily at say 5PM
Display a specific wallpaper at a specific hour. The hour will be encoded at the end of file's name
Get wallpaper from a remote computer. Very useful for business/office users (for example to present a schedule on all employee screens)
Photo pile - Compose a collage from multiple photos. Use image under cursor (local playlist) as background image


Moved the 'Clock as wallpaper' function in a separate window
menu to download all online images
Added 'Reminder' - For example: "buy milk in 4 fours"
"Generate thumbnails for all wallpapers" - Download all online images and generate thumbnails for all items in the playlist. This might take a while for a large playlist but once finished it will massively improve playlist's speed.
License system changed. Keys generated for v9.74 will not be compatible with v9.73 and down. However, the keys from 'old' versions (73 and down) will work with 9.74+
Upon install, load a default playlist, full with lots of nice wallpapers (including animated gifs)
Generating frames for a 50mb GIF file takes 12 sec and gui freezes. Show a message so the user knows to wait
Check if the System folder exists if not, kill the program!
Disable all playlist-related actions when playlist is empty!
Now BioniX Desktop Wallpaper is fully functional during the trial period

Playlist can not be sorted by simply clicking the header New feature
On multi-monitor systems. Let user right click an image in the playlist and choose "Send it to monitor x". New feature
Add support for URLs in the playlist so the user can add the URL of an online image directly into the playlist (involves a lot of work) New feature
Alternative (precise) way to edit the time. For example let user switch wallpaper every 1h 32m 46s New feature
Let user "compose" a wallpaper: Merge multiple (framed) pictures in one big wallpaper and put a nice background below those pictures.
New feature
A global (system-wide) shortcut that allows the user to put the "Next/Prev wallpaper" on desktop even if BioniX is hidden/minimized. New feature
in the playlist, add a function for current selected image: "Open in Window Explorer". This will open Windows Explorer at the location (folder) that contains that image New feature
Online images directly into the playlist New feature
Added 'Send current wallpaper to monitor...' function (let user assign specific wallpaper to specific monitor) New feature
Ctrl+click (or shift+click) to select multiple images in the playlist New feature
Two weeks after installation take the user to the survey page and also let the user vote for its favorite feature New feature
System-wide hotkey to call up the interface without needing to click the icon (particularly useful if the taskbar is hidden) New feature
Show date when picture was made (get it from JPEG EXIF metadata) over wallpaper New feature
Recent open playlist are now added the 'Jump list' so the user can quickly switch between recent playlist (right click on the taskbar icon) New feature
Added a 'Run current screensaver' button New feature
Added 'Turn off monitor' function New feature
Shortcut to Control Panel/Screen Resolution added New feature





Free licenses for users that are helping us to hunt down bugs




Switched from AllowNewInstance to AnotherInstanceRunning_Mutex
'Turned off monitor' (added a 3seconds delay)
Added 'Extract links to images from plain text' in 'Add online images'
Added 'Extract links to images from HTML code' in 'Add online images'
'Add online images'
Refocus playlist after deleting an online image
Let BioniX check for news at each startup
Previous/Next wallpaper
Hide 'Clock as wallpaper' window to tray when user uses Windows 'Show desktop' function
Massive improvements in 'Preview wallpaper' and 'Select wallpaper (set cursor pos) '
Windows OS version detection
permanently blank the desktop when gif plays
on Win7 automatically turn on the 'paint under icons' feature
playlist binary format
On shutdown, Restore the time after 'Clock as wallpaper' if that function was running
Information about availability of the file is now stored in the playlist. Retry download after 10 minutes
When loading the default playlist, first wallpaper (not the last) should be selected - see TImgPlaylist.LoadDefaultPlaylist
Playlist revamped
LockOnFolder path is empty on first run. Set it to MyPictures
The thumbnail preview/caching system was FULLY rewritten! BioniX will download now online images on simple click
The program will not be shutdown by user while the initialization sequence is in progress
let user know when online Image could not be downloaded
initialization sequence
Adequate preview when online Image could not be downloaded
Smoother thumbnail in 'preview panel'
Day/night wallpaper
'Lock on folder' was revamped
Better way to handle locked files
systray pop-up menu
Better error msg when online wallpaper cannot be downloaded
Speed greatly improved when working with large GIF files by storing the number of frames into the RWallpaper record associated with the playlist entry for the GIF. This way the program does not have to read the no of frames every time the user clicks a GIF item in the playlist
Playlist does not accept long URLs. the URL is broken in multiple rows
'Add online images' dialog was greatly improved.
GIF Wallpaper Animator module fully rewritten
Animation speed automatically detected The user does not have to provide the FrameDelay anymore
AllowMultipleInstances file must be present in the System folder in order to be able to run multiple instances
'Auto remove black border'
Float Spin Editor
Automatically detect images that have a black border (1pixel wide) and remove the border
Automatic bkg color promoted to 'main' tab
'Automatic bkg color' GUI
Fully rewritten background/border color auto-detector
Show license state in caption (but not trial)
The old updater (capable on only checking for new versions) was replaced with a new version that can also check for news and announcements
Playlist tested with a file that has a filename longer than 260 chars. OK
Lock on folder: the playlist is not anymore deleted & recreated each time files were added/removed. Instead the changes to the folder are applied directly to the playlist. Much faster.
package size decreased from 19MB to 9MB
Improved resampler. Speed dramatically improved. (problems when resizing image down)
Deliver a default playlist with the program. Put online images in that playlist
The "Categories" feature (that allows user to sort images by categories) is difficult to find/access. Promote it to a tab.
Improved graphic interface
show image preview for online images after downloading the image
show image log for online images that have not been downloaded yet
show image details for online images after downloading the image
playlist: For dynamic files ALWAYS show full path (URL)
Improved auto-updater online info
Improved: better menus
if the current item in the playlist is a dynamic source (webcam) don't jump to the next item in the playlist. Instead stay on this webcam
integrate Animator - When I double click an animated GIF in the playlist show it as animated in Wallpaper Animator
better handling of invalid/corrupted images
Improved playlist compatibility with online images
better handling for online images with complex URL
Brand new caching system
Stop then timer WHILE then program is downloading the image From web
DPI compatibility (via High DPI daemon)
Check the resample filter in bionix. change the defaults
the uninstaller should delete files to RECYCLE!
Switch to Log when an error message is shown in log
The GIF Animator now can draw animation UNDER desktop icons
The GIF Animator now supports zoom to full screen
The GIF Animator was fully rebuilt
Timed Wallpaper now works with 'per minute/per hour' images (minute is ignored if it is in file's name).
Support for High DPI monitors!
Better uninstaller
Added link to WBC converter (for easy import of Smile files)
Improved graphic interface
Improved program initialization (startup speed)
New cache system
Files deleted by uninstaller go to Recycle Bin.
'Smart size' tab was promoted to main tab
'Lock on folder' supports UNC paths now (network drives)
Playlist now support UNICODE characters
Show calendar on all monitors or only on primary monitor
The demo wallpapers are not delivered with BioniX anymore. The program will download the demo wallpapers from web site
Stop then timer WHILE then program is downloading then image From web Minor


BioniX Desktop Background Switcher v8


BioniX Wallpaper automatically switches to 'Shuffle' mode if 'Lock on folder' and 'Change wallpaper once then shutdown itself' are active New feature
Show hardware info. Allow user to enable/disable 'Drop shadow' New feature
Show hardware info. Allow user to choose font (size, color, face, etc) New feature
Show hardware info. Allow user to choose distance from the right edge New feature
Show date when picture was taken over wallpaper' function added New feature
Show hardware info. BGInfo support New module
Support for WBC files (Webshots Collections) from Webshots (as external convertor) New module
Prevent corrupted images in cache from crashing BioniX Improvement
Don't let user enter an invalid URL in the image stripper module Improvement
Other improvements Improvement
Show in log the location of the INI file Improvement
Improved user manual Improvement
Show the location of the INI file Improvement
Add button to let user associate BioniX with '.bionix' (playlist) files Improvement
MAJOR improvements in the dual-monitor system Major improvement
Improved GUI interface Major improvement
Strip all wallpapers (images) from a specified web page New module
Day/night wallpaper: Set dark/light wallpapers based on local hour New module
Use a dynamic picture from web as wallpaper (for example use a live webcam stream as wallpaper) New module
Automatically detect when resolution changes New feature
Added 'Blank desktop' function (under Desktop menu) to set instantly blank the desktop background (movie mode) New feature
Added option for 'SSD friendly folder' New feature
Added spin box to control the Perfect Tile feature (how tall the image should be in order to apply Perfect Tile on it) New feature
Now Wallpaper Animator can be called from BioniX Wallpaper New feature
Major improvements in 'Categories' function. Now the function has its own tab in 'Settings' Improvement
The 'Fade border' function is now 20 times faster when applied to Top and Bottom of a wallpaper. Improvement
Set to default 'Show confirmation' when user deletes wallpaper from hardware Improvement
'Panic' function is now much faster Improvement
Demo webcam URLs added (for Dynamic web images) Improvement
Copy the 'What's new in this version' link from About to Updates Improvement
Don't let user add files with drag and drop when 'Lock on folder' function is on Improvement
New link in About tab: 'Make money with BioniX' Improvement
Rename 'Web cam' to 'Dynamic web image' Improvement
On the first run, let user know it can download images from web (via Strip Wallpapers function) Improvement
BioniX Wallpaper Change now accepts JPEG images renamed to .PNG (wrong extension) Improvement
Correctly stretch/tile wallpaper even if the user selects a different option outside Bionix (Picture position in MS Personalization) Improvement
Change the font and font color for wallpaper name on desktop Improvement
Integrate picture on Lock on folder Improvement
Help/tool tip system improved Improvement
Automatic background color detection improved Improvement
Rotate wallpaper left/right improved. Rotation now works with stretching/tiling Improvement
Timed wallpaper improved Improvement
Let user change wallpaper calendar's position on screen Improvement
License system update Internal




Features in BioniX Background Switcher v7


Improved 'Rename wallpaper' function
Don't let user modify the playlist if they are in Lock on folder mode
Images with invalid file extension are now correctly detected
When the user uses the 'Add file' or 'Add folder' menu, let it know that it can also use 'drag and drop'. Show this message only once!
Let user decide if the 'ignored' word is in file's name or in its full path. Trick: put '.jpg' in Ignore List to load all images except JPEGs
Major improvements in the 'Smart' tab
Small improvements in LCD screens
Less aggressive message in Lite edition
Perfect tile - If an image needs to be tiled and the image height is pretty big BioniX will tile it only horizontally but not also vertically
Added menu (in Tools) to allow access to Flicker Mass Downloader. Deliver the latest version of Flicker Mass Downloader with BioniX
Show a list of recent user playlists (MRU) in the main interface.
'Ignore List' - Exclude wallpapers to playlist if their name contain a special keyword (such as Private or Business or DoNotAdd)
Show calendar over wallpaper
Change wallpapers at the hour specified in wallpaper's name. For example: 'MyWallpaper 23:00.jpeg'
Lock on folder: show the recent used folders in 'Lock on folder' field so the user can quickly switch between folders.
Deleting items from playlist is now MUCH faster
Support for WB1 files
Show quick buttons in a toolbar above playlist
Playlist: Put the most often used buttons in a handy place (toolbar)
Block the 'Playlist' main menu when BioniX is running in 'Lock on folder' mode
Improved 'Panic' function. The panic button wipes both screens now.
Rename the 'Lock on' checkbox to 'Lock on this folder'
Move the enter key button in the upper side of the screen
The Lock on folder tab was promoted to main tab
Easter egg added
Use F9 to Enter/Exit minimalist interface
Clearly show a picture when BioniX is running in 'Lock on folder' mode. The top image should show a folder and a lock pad
Show 'Do you think BioniX Wallpaper is the best? Let your friends know about it' message ONLY ONCE.
The Panic button should wipe both screens.
Log improved
Support for Webshots files ".WB1"
Support for dual monitor systems where the monitors have negative coordinates
Improved the main menu (including new shortcuts)
Flickr Wallpaper Downloader included
BioniX now can run from a CD
Custom Zoom feature added
Speed improvement in 'Fade borders to black'
Many other small improvements
Improved the 'Smart' tab
Explained why The 'Played' column is not saved to disk when 'Lock on folder' is active
Playlist editor: Show full path for the selected wallpaper
Added 'Open in Explorer' to open the folder where the currently selected wallpaper is located.
Smart Enlarge was not working properly in some circumstances
Small improvement in 'Automatic background color detection'
Better explanations (visual examples) for 'Smart enlarge'
Some tool tips have been enhanced
Updated uninstaller
Added a Settings and Wallpaper menus in the MAIN MENU.
Added 'Move to category' feature. Right click on a wallpaper to pop the menu.
Settings menu added in main menu for faster access to the Settings tab
The program version is always shown in window's title bar
Added new key system
Automatically switch to the Update tab if updates were found
Highlight currently selected tab
Show 'build' number in About
Leave the 'Time as wallpaper' mode when the user presses 'Set wallpaper', 'Previews', 'Next wallpaper'
Let the user to choose the 'panic' image
Add "browse" buttons for "Boss" image, "Ding" sound and "External wallpaper editor"
Show also countdown value in the 'Time changer' panel
Allow user to rename a file in the playlist.
Added button on main interface for 'Apply selected image'
Added one-time message hint message "You may find it easier to drag and drop wallpapers/folders from Windows Explorer into BioniX."
Added 'Reset wallpaper coordinates' function. Executed one at program's first start. Explanation: Some programs set the wallpaper coordinates to strange values. This will reset them back to default value.
Added 'Move wallpaper to category...'
Added 'Vertical mirror' effect in 'Smart tile' panel
Vertical mirror' effect and 'Horizontal mirror' can be mixed
In 'dual monitor' mode, instead of showing a black scree, the program shows a message when a wallpaper could not be shown because it is missing from the computer.
After disabling Time As Wallpaper it will automatically put the next wallpaper
Automatically deactivate mirror/flip/rotate effects when 'Time as wallpaper' feature is running
The playlist editor was fully rebuilt (Note: the old playlist format is not supported anymore)
Explain the 'Open "Categorize This" button
Explain the 'Categorize This' button
Show it System Tray the time the countdown
Explain the 'Lock on folder' feature
Explain what is the 'Remote control' feature
Put an exclamation sign into the Boss button
Put 'current' in front of the name of the wallpaper in the main screen.
The nag text "WALLPAPER ENHANCEMENTS" that appeared when the user enhanced the wallpapers was removed.
The 'Preview image' panel was moved into the main interface
Added graphic logos (banners) in top of the program
Removed the 'Cache thumbnail size' spin box because now the program automatically determines this value.
Improved 'Show image resolution in the playlist' feature
The 'Smart enlarge' panel was dramatically improved
The 'Wallpaper enhancement' panel was improved
Better 'global hot keys'
Playlist - Wallpaper rating system (rate your favorite).
Playlist - Remember played images and don't play them again.
Check for invalid images before adding them to playlist. Delete them from disk.
GUI was redesigned
Added 'Delete from playlist images that have been already played'




Features in BioniX Background Switcher v6


Rebuild all icons in the playlist main menu under 'Delete' menu
Impossible to change the background color of the playlist, though the font size and style can be changed. The BG remains white.
Better support for 'External image editor'
Full support for 'Rename current file'
Make beep when running on batteries (and not when running on A/C)
Replace the old style 'Open file' dialog with Vista-style one
Playlist: it doesn't remember the width of the columns
Show image resolution' can now be enabled/disabled. Scrolling the playlist is faster when it is disabled.
New: Full support for 'Only one instance'. When the user double clicks a playlist file, the existent BioniX session drops the current playlist and loads the new one. To allow more than one instance, create a file named "OnlyOneInstance" in "c:\Program Files\Bionix Wallpaper\System" folder.
The 'Power' tab was fully revamped
To minimize memory footprint. the about/logo image is loaded only if the user switches to the About tab. This saves 0.7MB of RAM
Make the Playlist to show the first image in the playlist when loading a new playlist OR when adding images to an empty playlist
New: Rotate images with EXIF support (add a button called Rotate based on EXIF)
New: Use JPG for cached images in order to decrease cache size.
New: Size for cached images (in pixels)
Store thumbnails as JPG/PNG to save space.
Remember column width
Show the busy cursor when clicking an image in the playlist that was not yet added in cache.
Enlarged font for 'Show time as wallpaper'
Added 'Rotate wallpaper right' and 'Rotate wallpaper left' feature
Show busy cursor when applying graphic effects on preview image
Added possibility to change position of wallpaper name over wallpaper (top: left, center, right).
Button to quick flip the wallpaper. Motivation: Usually a desktop is laid out where the icons are placed in the top-left corner and cover the wallpaper.
Rotate images manually (add a button called Rotate)
Much faster playlist
Improved: Much faster playlist
New: Show resolution of each image (in the playlist).
New: Smart crop (from 3:2 to 4:3 aspect ratio) in order to remove the black stripes at the top/bottom of the desktop
Better Windows Vista/Windows 7 compatibility
Enlarged interface
Progress bar (timer) is not working
Improved 'power status' feature
New text in log is black
The new 'Smart Enlarge' function
Beautify log window
Some improvements in dual monitor section
Tested on Windows 7 as guest and admin
New icon
The file name is shown over wallpaper in top instead of bottom (where it was hidden by the taskbar)
User can upload personal image on BioniX web site
New: Suspend BioniX Wallpaper if the computer is running on batteries. Resume on AC.
Show power/battery status
New: Suspend BioniX Wallpaper if the computer is running on batteries. Resume on AC.
Show power/battery status
New: Support for JPEG 2000
Enhanced: Faster startup
New feature: Playlist: Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the current selected image.
New feature: Show the size of file in System Tray pop-up menu .
New feature: Fade wallpaper's borders.
Enhanced: Improved system tray pop-up (it also shows the resolution now).
Enhanced: Auto determine background color based on current wallpaper.
Enhanced: Edit in external editor - Show * no editor defined * message if editor not found.
Enhanced: Better resampler alignment.
Enhanced: Many enhancements in the Log window. Timestamp added in the Log window.
Enhanced: Improved * Open the LOG window when errors occur *
Enhanced: Better auto-updating system.
Enhanced: Better start up. Faster/less flicker.
Enhanced: Multiple minor enhancements in the Settings window.
Enhanced: Reduced restrictions for Lite edition
New: Show the Settings window at first startup
New feature: Smart enlarge.
New feature: Smart enlarge until black stripes are removed.
Enhanced: System Tray icon: Advance to the next image, after deleting the current wallpaper.
Better 'smart' functions.
Better handling of very large images.
Improved: Workaround the Windows memory limitation while opening large files. Now BioniX can handle huge images. The EOutOfResources messages will not appear anymore.
New: Added "Clear" button to the Log window
New: Added "Verbose" checkbox to the Log window. In verbose mode, BioniX Wallpaper displays the name of the image BEFORE it is set as wallpaper. In case there are problem with that specific image, the user can see its name and report it.
Improved: Better handling of invalid images
Improved: Better handling of large images
Improved: Name of the product shown in the "Display" panel (first line)
NEW: Automatic background color detection
Improved: Better support for Vista
Improved: Improved interface
Improved: Better documentation




Features in BioniX Background Switcher v5


New: Added function to delete all images from playlist if smaller than
New: Pass an wallpaper playlist as command line parameter
Show name of current wallpaper in the System Tray icon (when hoover the System Tray icon)
New: Quickly delete current wallpaper. Useful to get rid of ugly images.
Allow sorting and moving images to categories.
Let user define and use an external image editor
Added option to automatically remove duplicate pictures from playlist
Quickly sort/move images in the playlist to categories. You can customize the categories, for example: cars, movies, fantasy, 3D, landscapes
Dual monitor support (beta)
Double clicking the System Tray icon (while the application is minimized to System Tray) will change the wallpaper without making visible BioniX windows.
Detection of invalid installation. Application nicely shuts down.
Added 'Delete current wallpaper' icon in System Tray menu
Auto-delete log if it is too large (over 1MB).
GUI layout changed a bit
System wide hot key for "Hide desktop icons"
System wide hot key for "Hide Taskbar "
System wide hot key for "Boss button"
Show Help page when BioniX starts for the very first time
Restart timer upon loading a new playlist
Let user to define the default image to be used when the Boss function is used. See: “BIONIX\System\Boss.jpg”.
Speed improvement in "Lock on folder"
CPU OVERLOAD DETECTION - Don't change the wallpaper is a CPU intensive application (like games)is running.
Don't change the wallpaper during game play. Improved "CPU usage" gouge
Change wallpaper and close itself. Available only to "Insane" users.
System wide shortcuts
New: don't add small files to the playlist
BioniX Background Switcher can now run from a read-only media like CD.
Checkbox to enable/disable the mirror effect on tiled images
Show wallpaper info when clicking on its name in the System Tray pop-up menu
Write all operation to Log and automatically save the log to disk. In case of problems, the user can easily read/submit the log
LOCK ON FOLDER - Automatically add to playlist all pictures from a directory
Ignore non-wallpaper files - This will make BioniX to delete/ignore all images that are too small for a wallpaper (like 230x340 pixels)
Display current wallpaper name when putting mouse cursor on icon System Tray.
Display current wallpaper name in the pop-up menu
Added “Stop timer” option to the System Tray pop-up menu
Improvement for users that have the TaskBar on the left side (instead of bottom) of the screen
Mirror effect for tiled images.
The log is automatically saved to disk as "BioniX Log.TXT".
Remember last position in each playlist
Remember playlist's font
Stop the animated icon in System Tray when the timer is OFF.




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