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GIF Wallpaper Animator

Animate your desktop wallpaper




What is GIF Wallpaper Animator?


GIF Wallpaper Animator plays animated GIF images as animated wallpaper directly on your Windows desktop, below the icons.

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Special awards

Animated GIF Wallpaper award

Animated GIF Wallpaper award


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  • Make animated GIF wallpapers with just one click. No installer required!
  • Works with animated GIFs & AVI wallpapers.
  • Paints the animation under or over desktop icons.
  • Zoom in/out the animation.
  • Very low CPU/RAM memory usage.
  • Eye-candy, skinable GUI. You can build your own skins.
  • Works on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.
  • No installation required. Simply copy the program on a USB stick and take it with you.
How to set a GIF image as animated wallpaper?


To set a GIF image as animated wallpaper simply start BioniX Wallpaper Changer and drag and drop your animated GIF file over BioniX. The GIF files will appear in the Playlist. Double click a GIF file to set it as animated wallpaper.



Video tutorials



Where can you find animated GIF wallpapers?


You can find huge collections of animated GIF files via Google. A good place to start could be GIPHY.



For convenience, starting with 2020, the GIF Wallpaper Animator program was integrated in the BioniX Wallpaper Changer package.

BioniX is a complete wallpaper manager. It allows you to download wallpapers and play static/animated (GIF/video) or other cool animations (for example "The matrix") as desktop wallpaper.


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