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Download multi-monitor wallpapers




BioniX Background Switcher comes with:


Anyway, if you have an older version of BioniX Wallpaper, here is a list of websites from where you can get multi-monitor wallpaper images.




Wallbase [TOP!]

Caution: Some images may not be appropriate for work! can simply be described as a searchable wallpaper database, and it strives to be little more than that.



Millions of deviations and now also with a section especially for multi monitor images. Probably the most updated list from all. Hint: some images will not be shown in their original size, click Download on the left side to get the original file.

You will find much more there, e.g. skins for applications, animations, cartoons, lyrics and much more. It is worth a visit. - Digital Wallpapers

Circa 100 images, many of them with fantasy style and also some nature and game images.



100's of high quality multi-monitor images. Created and managed by the creators of DisplayFusion!

Nearly 600 dual screen images, lots of them never seen before on other pages. The uncommon content is also reflected in the categories, like Independence Day, Easter, Colorful Food, Halloween, Colorful World, Flowers, Thanksgiving Day and some more. - Multi-screen high resolution wallpaper

Only a few images, unfortunately with a brandmark. But really high resolution. Available for dual, triple, quad and six screens!

Some more uncetegorized images. Additional to the complete image, left and right page can be downloaded. - We fill your desktop

Approximately 40 images. - Dual Monitor Backgrounds

They claim to be the greatest source for dual monitor background images. At least they have the biggest well categorized one. Images are subdivided in categories like "Animals", "Celebrities", "Gaming", "Sports", "Vehicles". There is also a RSS feed available which informs about new images. - 70+ Beautiful Dual Monitors Desktop Wallpapers

Majority of the greatest dual screen wallpapers are based on nature sceneries. Many of them are manipulated to give them a touch of fantasy.

About 300 dual screen images, subdivided into groups of specific resolutions. You have to go through each of them, there is no option to show all dual screen images at once. There are also lots of other image formats available (e.g. triple monitor, HDTV, Playstation Portable and iPod) - Panoramic images (list of all entries) (listing of categories and coutries) (list of all images with small preview)

More than 1.000 panoramic images! I guess all of them with the nature as motive. Unfortunately every image comes within its own zip file.

More than 440 images from Switzerland, Brazil, USA, Canada, Western and Southern Europe. Most of them with natural motives.


Jim's Widescreen Wallpapers

Over 450 pictures so far and mostly 5760x1080 or above. Images are divided in collections like Architecture, Art - Anime, City, Game, Nature - Animals.

About two dozen of computer generated images, divided into "Abstract" and "Landscape". Every image can be downloaded as zip file, which contains the whole image and additionally the left and right part page. - The Wallpaper Community

There are currently more than 600 dual screen wallpaper. Additionally more than 47k other wallpaper, too. All of them can be commented and reviewed.


Panoramic Photographs (alphabetical list of all motives) (list of categories)

The Panoramic Photograph Collection contains approximately four thousand images featuring American cityscapes, landscapes, and group portraits. The images date from 1851 to 1991. Lots of them are copies from b&w film negatives or from intermediary roll film copy. All files are available as uncomressed TIFF files, too. - Dual Screen Wallpapers

Big unsorted collection of dual screen images. Unfortunately there are no sub-categories or options for sorting available. - Quad Screen Wallpapers

See - Dual Screen Wallpapers, it is equivalent. - Triple Screen Wallpapers

See - Dual Screen Wallpapers, it is equivalent.


Social Wallpapering [NICE!]

Currently there are 228 dual monitor (2560x1024 and 3200x1200) images available. (resolution 2560x1024) (resolution 3200x1200)

About 100 dual screen images. Unfortunately, it is not one of the fastest websites.


Quad Monitor Backgrounds

See - Dual Monitor Backgrounds, it is equivalent.



Collection of 209 dual screen images. Offers more than 50k other images, too. Nice page for all who want to practice their traditional or simplified Chinese.


Wallpaper Abyss

Approximately 320 images, divided into some categories. Thankfully, it is possible to order by date, so it is worth to take a look from time to time.




Pay for it


The following websites may have wallpapers for free also. But to gain access to the multi monitor images you have to pay a fee.



There are more than 600 dual monitor and more than 140 triple monitor wallpaper. They are all computer generated, but not the typical 3D stuff, it is kind of vector graphics, really cute style. Unfortunately there are no categories available. But it is possible to download all files with one zip file.



The members area offers you more than 150 dual monitor wallpapers and more than 120 triple monitor wallpapers. As much as I can see, all images are computer generated only. A bit outdated.



Download BioniX Background Switcher and try its dual (multi) monitor support!






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