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Privacy Policy




Thank you for visiting our web site and reviewing our privacy and security policy. We respect your privacy and we operate our business with "protection of our user's privacy" in our mind.
Our privacy policy is strict and clear: we will collect no personal information about you when you visit our web site, unless you choose to provide that information to us.

We do not sell your email address to other product sellers.
We do not ask you to provide your email address or personal data when download our software. We do not send out news letters, unless you explicitly subscribed to our (or our affiliate) 'news letter' or unless you emails us first.

By using this web site you agree to accept browser cookies. We personally don't place cookies, but the Google Ads shown on our pages may use cookies. Details


While you download the setup files:
You do not need to supply your name, email address or other personal information in order to download the program. Our software can be downloaded anonymously by anybody. We store no personal information about the users who browse our web site.


While you install and use our product in your PC:
You do not need to supply your name or email address in order to use our programs. Your PC does not connect or exchange data with any other computer over the internet or over the network, except with one single page on our web site (download.html). This web page is a passive HTML ( it uses no active technology like JS, PHP, ASP), so it cannot receive information from the software. The software checks this page for updates. However it can be instructed not to do it any if you do not want it.


While you order our product (your credit card number):
We are not collecting your credit card number. We are selling through the popular online stores BlueSnap, which do the credit card payment processing for us, and they do not pass the credit card number to us. The credit card payment processing uses HTTPS/SSL (secured socket layer).
Using a credit card in a secured site, over a secured connection is safer then passing the credit card through a waiter in a restaurant. In the case of an online order no human being is seeing your credit card number.


While you order our product (your name, email address and postal address):
We will get to know your email address that is used to send you the license. In few cases we may write one more email showing you additional info, like how to install etc, get the key...


Sending bug reports:
The program is able to send a bug report and all related technical data necessary for us to identify the problem. If you don't want to send any bug reports, cancel the submission.



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