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How to share digital camera pictures with others?

For Professional photographers and not only



You are a photographer and do you take pictures to weddings for other people? Do you offer to your clients/customers the pictures you took during the wedding on a CD/USB Stick? Then you may want to offer to your customers a software program also to put on their desktop automatically their wedding pictures.


BioniX Photo Changer is the perfect tool for you and your clients.



You can use BioniX Photo Changer for:

  • wedding presentations
  • presentation screens in receptions (for example hotel reception)
  • presentation screens in store window
  • school/university presentations
  • airports, hospitals
  • restaurants
  • shops
  • etc


How to distribute the wedding photos to your customers?

  1. You send us your pictures (the ones you want to distribute)
  2. We create a customized package for you
  3. You deliver the package to your clients via CD/USB Stick/your website

You can also upload your photos online and only deliver a playlist with links to those images.








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