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How to download photos from Flickr

(without a Flickr account)






You have tried many programs that download photos from Flickr in the past but none of them was on your taste? The programs you tried can be used to download public photos that are hosted on Flickr but they require a Flickr account and you don't have one? We have the solution: Flickr Mass Downloader, is a perfect tool to download photos from Flickr without being forced to create a Flickr account.


Flickr Mass Downloader is an easy to use application. Everything is configured in the main application interface. Here you can enter a keyword to search photos (for example: wallpapers, funny cats, etc.), filter returned photos, set the thumb size and full preview photo. Flickr Mass Downloader uses a high resolution resampler in order to generate amazing quality thumbnails. Just click the photo in the Preview panel to download and to view it at its original size.

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Flickr Mass Downloader - download photos from Flickr



Although it is jam-packed with many features, Flickr Mass Downloader is also an easy to use software. With Flickr Mass Downloader you can download one and even download all photos at once with a single mouse click. The download directory is automatically adjusted by the downloader. That's handy for users who do not want to configure the download location manually, but it is possible for users who want to change it manually to another location on the computer.

A click on the download button initiates the process. The download speed depends on the network bandwidth. The program is displaying a progress bar and a message to indicate when all photo downloads have been completed.

Flickr Mass Downloader - download photos from Flickr



The program saves the photos by default into the user directory. Flickr Mass Download filters small/not relevant photos so the user can download only good photos from Flickr. The user can also sort the returned photos by popularity, relevance, date posted or date when they have been taken.

Flickr Mass Downloader is a very handy software to download photos from Flickr. It is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit editions of the Windows operating system and is only 3 MB large. You don't have to install Flickr Mass Downloader, so you can put it on an USB stick or on a CD and take it anywhere with you or to send it to a friend via email.


Find out more about Flickr Mass Downloader here.





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