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How to have different playlist for each monitor





Users with dual monitors may want to set a specific playlist to each monitor. BioniX Background Switcher cannot do that directly. However, with the following trick you can do it:
Rename your wallpapers in such a way that all wallpapers for monitor 1 will have an odd number at the end, and all wallpapers for monitor 2 will have an even number at the end. Also disable the 'Shuffle' mode.



for monitor 1 for monitor 2
wallpaper 01 wallpaper 02
wallpaper 03 wallpaper 04
wallpaper 05 wallpaper 06


This works because when you have two monitors BioniX Background Switcher picks the images for each monitor, in the order they are arranged in the playlist. Your playlist must be sorted by filename.


Renaming hundreds of wallpapers manually takes time so here is how to rename all images at once.
You have two possibilities to rename your wallpapers at batch:


Below we present you the both possibilities to batch rename your wallpapers.



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Wallpapers for dual-monitor system




1) Batch rename wallpapers with Windows XP/7


a) On Windows 7


a1) Open the folder containing your wallpapers and select all of them (you can use 'Ctrl + A' or Ctrl + Click to do that).





a2) Right click on the first file in the list and select Rename from the context menu.




a3) Type a new name for the file, then hit the Enter key. In our example we named the first file 'Wallpaper'. The other images will automatically be given the same name followed by numbers (in round brackets).




If you made a mistake, you can click on Undo from the Organize menu (or press Ctrl + Z keys repeatedly).


b) On Windows XP


On Windows XP the first two steps are the same as on Windows 7. At the step 3 when you rename the wallpaper your image will have the exact name you entered, without a number. So, when you rename the wallpaper, you must enter the file name followed by a space and the number 1 in round brackets. Example: wallpaper (1)


If you made a mistake, you can click on Undo from the Edit menu (or press Ctrl + Z keys repeatedly).


Now your work is done in less than a minute.



2) Batch rename wallpapers with Total Commander


Total Commander has an advanced too that can be used to batch rename your wallpapers in seconds.


Select the files you want to rename (with Insert, or the right click, or with the Plus key on the numeric keypad)

Click the Files menu, then Multi-Rename tool (or press Ctrl + M keys).

Now in the first field from the left of the Multi-rename window you have to enter the name you want for those wallpapers followed by a space and '[C]' ('[C]' is from counter).

Total Commander has a nice preview panel that shows the result in real time, without actually renaming the files!




When you are happy with the results, click Start to actually rename your images.

If you made a mistake, you can click on Undo. This even works after closing and re-opening the rename tool!


Now that you have all your wallpapers properly named add them into a new BioniX Playlist. But after you sort the playlist (by filename) you'll notice that the images are not sorted alphabetically by the number in the brackets. So, you have to put some zeros in the front of the number in brackets when you rename the wallpapers. If you have 100 wallpapers you'll put two zeros in front of the numbers with one digit and one zero in front of the numbers with two digits.




one digit numbers two digits numbers
wallpaper 001 wallpaper 010
wallpaper 002 wallpaper 011
wallpaper 003 wallpaper 012
... ...



Windows cannot do that but Total Commander can. All you have to do is to follow the steps from the 'Batch rename wallpapers with Total Commander' and before you click the Start button to start renaming your wallpapers select the number of maximum digits (the Digits button in the right of the rename window) which corresponds with the number of digits of the number of your wallpapers you want to rename then click the Start button.


Now your wallpapers are all renamed and ready to cycle on your monitors.

This way you'll have a single playlist but BioniX will act as if you'd have two different playlists, one for each monitor.



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