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BioniX Desktop Wallpaper Changer

Obtain the program for free





How to obtain the program for free

  1. You get it for free via TrialPay. To do this, click the icon on the order page.
  2. Spread the word about us. For example:
    • Post something about us on you web site
    • Post something about us (and a link) on a popular discussion board (such as Stackoverflow, Stack exchange, etc) or social network (such as Reddit)
    • Blog about us if you have a popular blog
    • Put a link in your signature if you are active on a forum (such as Softpedia, TomsHardware, etc)
  3. Create a cool/high quality YouTube movie (there are many free video recording tools out there)
  4. Bring a customer
  5. You can add us to your list of 'Friends' and write a warm recommendation on your Facebook account AND your account has at least 100 friends
  6. You can propose your own methods...


Example of promotion


I got a free license of BioniX Wallpaper Changer by posting this message here. You can get one too, by following these instructions.

Note: You could put a link to our home page on 'BioniX Wallpaper Changer' and a link to this page on 'following these instructions'... You got the idea....

Do this on a popular discussion board such as Reddit and your free ULTIMATE license is guaranteed.


Which license type will you get?


The license will be Extreme or Ultimate, based on how prominent the page where you posted is. You must understand that we might not be able to offer you a license for nothing (for example if you just started a blog or you have a small web site with under 50 visitors per day).

The license is valid for as long as the post/link is not deleted/moved on a less prominent page. If this happens we reserve the rights to delete the license from our online validation system.



Who can get a free license?


These offers only applies to private users. Corporate users must purchase a license.



How to get the license


Please email us as soon as your work was done to get your license. Please allow us 1-2 days. We offer the liceses it batches at the end of the day.





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