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Product activation support








Please read this document carefully if you cannot activate your software. ALL necessary information is here.





How the activation process works?


The activation process works like this:

  • The user trials the software (please note that we do not offer refunds for products that have a trial period!)
  • If the user finds the software suitable it places and order
  • Registration information and the unlock key is sent via email
  • The user enters the key into BioniX Lite. This converts the Trial edition into the Full edition (yes, you don't need to download/install BioniX again)

What if I lose my key?

We deliver the BioniX Wallpaper key ONLY ONCE. Once it reaches you it is your responsibility to back it up. The key is unique for you and it is generated automatically by our system. We cannot generate manually a new key. If you forget to back up it and you loose it, you will have to purchase a new license.

Therefore, please backup it up as soon as you receive it!



Do I need a new key if I want to update?


The key will work with all updates of BioniX Wallpaper Changer. You don't need a new key if you update from v8.00 to v8.99 (for example).

The key will not work for upgrades , for example upgrading from v8.99 to v9.0. 

If you reinstall Windows, you need of course to reenter the key you have.


I have never received the activation email (the key)

The email is sent by an automated system, not by a person. It never fails! Please expect an email from and one from (our reseller).

If you haven't received the email it is because your overzealous anti-spam filter/antivirus:

  • sent the email to your "Junk/Spam" folder. Please check that folder. In 99.9% of the cases, the email is quietly waiting for you there.
  • totally rejected the email (this is rare)

If the email is not there, verify your post-purchase page (on our reseller's web site) and check your order status. Your order may have one of the following statuses:

  • Waiting for manual approval
    Most orders are processed by an automatic system. However, some orders need manual review. I n this case you will receive a phone call. The email will arrive after you are verified via phone.
  • Processing
    Your order is processed right now. The email will arrive soon.
  • Transaction denied
    A a reason (such as "insufficient funds" or "order rejected because previous charge backs") will be specified. Fix the problem and place the order again.
  • Finished
    You successfully purchased the item and the registration information was sent to you. If the email is not in the Inbox, check your Spam folder.

Open a ticket at this email address ONLY if you don't receive the email in the next 24 hours.




I have entered the key but BioniX still displays the Logo over my wallpapers

If you don't want to see the logo, open the Settings tab, then go to the Overlay tab and uncheck the 'Show BioniX logo over the wallpaper' checkbox.

show bionix wallpaper changer logo over wallpaper



How to enter the key?


To insert the key go to About tab and click the 'Enter key' button:

Enter key in BioniX Desktop Wallpaper Changer


You have to follow the same procedure when you upgrade your license .

The key is not accepted


The only reason for rejected key is a user input error. The key for BioniX Wallpaper v9 begins and ends with a $. You must enter the key exactly as it was given to you.


Where can I check if my software is properly registered?


BioniX license status is show in the 'Info' tab. If it says Demo, Lite or Trial then you haven't entered the key properly. In this case make sure that:

  • Your key version matches the software version (for example keys for v8 won't work with v9)
  • Make sure your key hasn't been invalidated (see 'Key invalidation' section in the email received after purchase).
  • When BioniX rejects your key, it will show you the reason. Carefully read that message.

check bionix wallpaper license




Email support


This page contains ALL information necessary to solve ANY activation problems by yourself. However, if you carefully read the entire page and still have issues you can contact us via email. You MUST include the following information in your email:

  1. The purchase receipt (received via email after purchase)
  2. The key you are trying to use to activate the software
  3. A screenshot like the this one in which we can clearly see how you try to enter the key
    1. Key must be visible
    2. BioniX version must be visible
  4. A screenshot of the error message your get after entering the key

Emails that do not include the information above are simply ignored!

If you receive an email with the subject 'Ticket status: not enough info' it means that one of the above 4 fields have been omitted. Please supply the information requested. Our address is We will gladly help you.