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The Wallpaper effects tab





Key points: Here you can rotate the wallpaper , choose the wallpaper effect and enhance wallpaper (saturation, brightness and contrast), wallpaper style , tile effect , wallpaper smart size , background color or fade borders , show calendar over wallpaper and change image quality .



You can access these features by right clicking the mini-monitor(s) in the Monitor Overview panel.


The Enhance tab


In this tab you can flip the wallpaper, rotate it and mirror the first half of the wallpaper. You can also set the wallpaper effect and the image quality .


BioniX Background Switcher Manual - Enhance Tab


Flip wallpaper horizontally - this will flip the wallpaper. It is useful when the image is "concentrated" on the left side and hidden by the desktop icons, while the right side of the desktop is free of icons.

Flip wallpaper horizontally



Mirror effect will mirror the first half of the wallpaper.

Apply mirror effect on wallpaper



Rotate 90° left/right will rotate the the wallpaper 90° left/right.


Auto-rotate (EXIF) - Digital cameras automatically add a special field (called EXIF) to photos. This field contains miscellaneous information about the picture such as exposure time or camera orientation (portrait/landscape). When available, BioniX Background Switcher will use the EXIF data to automatically rotate your wallpapers. 'Rotate 90°' takes precedence over 'EXIF rotate'.


You can enhance the wallpaper and adjust the Saturation (S), Contrast (C) and Brightness (B).


Brightness effect example:


Wallpaper Brightness2                Wallpaper Brightness1

Before                                                        After



Wallpaper image quality

BioniX Desktop Background Switcher will use this filter every time it resizes the wallpaper. The first filters will generate acceptable quality wallpaper at a fast speed. Last filters are smoothest but slowest. We recommend using 'Mitchell' and 'B-Spline' which will generate a state-of-art quality image.


BioniX Background Switcher Manual - resampler Box BioniX Background Switcher Manual - resampler Bell BioniX Background Switcher Manual - resampler Mitchell

'Box' filter                                                                 'Bell' filter                                                                 'Mitchell' filter


More about filters BioniX Background Switcher uses each time it resizes a wallpaper you can find on this page .



The Smart enlarge tab


BioniX Background Switcher Manual - Smart Tab


Please see this page for details about wallpaper smart functions .


The Background tab  


In this tab you can apply different effects on your wallpapers.


BioniX Background Switcher Manual - Background Tab

1. Fade borders to black - Apply a smooth transition to wallpaper borders. For the best results set the desktop color to black. This effect is smoother for higher values but it also requires more time to compute. The default value is 25.

2. Auto determine image's border color and fit desktop with it - Auto determine the background color when the wallpaper is smaller than your desktop. Can be applied ONLY if the wallpaper touches the edges of the screen.


Fade border to black Auto determinate image border color and fit desktop with it
BioniX Background Switcher Manual - Fade borders BioniX Background Switcher Manual - Auto determine color



  • Coverage shows how many pixels on wallpaper border need to have the same color in order to use that color as background color. The higher value, the higher the chance to find the right color but the lower the chance that the color can be determined. Default value is 4%. To disable it its value must be 100%.
  • Color tolerance : Increase this value if the background color is not determined correctly. However, this also decreases the chance to find any color at all. Its default value is 8.

3. Solid background color - you can choose a background color to fill desktop with it if BioniX Background Switcher cannot determine color automatically.



The Calendar tab


BioniX Background Switcher Manual - Calendar Tab


You can choose to show or not the calendar over wallpaper with a specific transparency.

You can also change the calendar position on screen, vertically and horizontally.



Other functions


Wallpaper menu

By accessing the Wallpaper menu you can apply the selected wallpaper, set previous wallpaper, set next wallpaper, open in Windows Explorer the folder where currently selected wallpaper is located, open the selected wallpaper in external editor, rename wallpaper and move wallpaper to specific category.


BioniX Background Switcher Manual - Wallpaper menu


You can also have quick buttons in BioniX Background Switcher main interface to apply the current selected wallpaper and set previous/next wallpaper.


Clock wallpaper

Press F8 key or choose the Clock as wallpaper option from the View menu to show a big clock on your desktop as wallpaper. By default, BioniX will refresh the clock wallpaper every 1 second but you can also choose the time interval to refresh the clock.


BioniX Wallpaper Chaner - Clock as wallpaper





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