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The Info tab





The Info tab contains information about your current version of BioniX Background Switcher, registration info, the updates available for download and your system details.




The About tab


In this tab you can:

  1. See current license status
  2. See program version
  3. See system information (required in case you encounter a bug you need support)
  4. Enter the key to convert the software from Lite/Demo to Registered
  5. Access the 'Release history' page (by clicking the "What's new in this version?" link)
  6. Access our Affiliate program where you can make money by promoting BioniX Background Switcher.
  7. Access that offers software similar to BioniX Background Switcher


BioniX Background Switcher Manual - About Tab




The Updates tab


In this tab you can find information about the latest BioniX Background Switcher version available to download from our website.


BioniX Background Switcher Manual - Updates Tab


If you activate the Automatically check for updates, BioniX Desktop Background Switcher will connect to internet ONCE PER DAY. Otherwise this message will appear: "BioniX already checked for updates today". Therefore if the program checked for updates today it won't check again until tomorrow (after the midnight). The program will check for updates when it starts. If the program has been running many days continuously (example: for five days), it will check in this five days interval for updates only once, at its start up. If updates were found the program will display an announcement on the main interface.


If Silent update is activated BioniX will look for updates in background and will inform you only when a new update was found and downloaded.


Update details

Here are shown the update details: Your version and the new version found on web, the new version's status (Beta or Stable) and what is new in the new version.



The System tab

In this tab you can find information about BioniX Background Switcher, about the computer system, monitors and useful paths.

BioniX Background Switcher Manual - System Tab



The Memory info tab

In this tab you can find information about the System memory and about the BioniX Background Switcher memory usage.

BioniX Background Switcher Manual - Memory info Tab


Update button will update the information instantly.
















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