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Uninstall BioniX Desktop Wallpaper Changer




Uninstall reason


You can let us know the uninstall reason via email. Constructive feedback is always welcome.

In case you encountered a bug please send it to us.



Files installed by BioniX Wallpaper


Files installed in Windows core:

  • 0 DLLs
  • 0 drivers
  • 0 ActiveX
  • 0 VBRuns
  • 0 dotNet libraries
  • 0 DirectX files
  • 0 services 
  • 0 Java machines
  • 0 Control Panel applets
  • 0 script files

Files installed in non-system areas:

  • 1 Desktop icon
  • 1 Start menu icon
  • The application itself (usually in 'c:\Bionix Wallpaper' or 'c:\Program Files\BioniX Wallpaper')

Files created during application usage:

The following files are created by the application at user's request:

  • Wallpaper thumbnails
  • Current desktop wallpaper
  • 1 settings (INI) file
  • Other files resulted from daily application usage


How to uninstall BioniX Wallpaper?


BioniX Wallpaper is not an invasive, monolithic program. To uninstall it just close the program and delete it. You can also use the uninstaller provided. The uninstaller is located in program's system folder (usually 'c:\BioniX Wallpaper\System\' ).

Starting with v8.9 you can also uninstall it from Control Panel -> Add/Remove programs.


uninstall Bionix wallpaper





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