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BioniX Wallpaper

Hardware requirements






Can I keep BioniX Desktop Wallpaper running all the time?


Sure! BioniX Desktop Wallpaper was designed to be a non-intrusive program.

You can see its modest requirements in the 'Info' tab. You can also instruct BioniX not to change the wallpaper if you are playing games or if your laptop is running on batteries. Isn't this great? What other wallpaper changer does that?!?


How much memory it needs?


BioniX Desktop Wallpaper Cycler takes about 3MB of RAM while in idle state and 3-5MB while active (changing the wallpaper).

However, the memory required in the active state depends on:

  • the resolution of the wallpaper
  • the resolution of your desktop
  • number of monitors
  • processing applied on your wallpaper (automatic background color, tile, rotate, etc)

After changing the wallpaper, BioniX switches back to idle mode and it will release the previous used memory.


How much CPU it needs?


CPU utilization is 0% while in idle state and less than 10% when changing the wallpaper (active state).

Active state is usually shorter than 0.3 seconds. Basically, it takes no CPU.



How to install it









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