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BioniX Desktop Wallpaper

Tips & Tricks


Quickly set an image as current wallpaper


Double click any image in the Playlist to set that image as desktop wallpaper.


Quickly add wallpapers to your playlist


You can drag and drop files and even folders from Windows Explorer into BioniX Desktop Wallpaper.



Quickly load a playlist file


Double click a playlist file (files with '.Bio' extension) to load that playlist in BioniX Desktop Wallpaper (and to start BioniX Desktop Wallpaper if isn't already started).


Definitively delete ugly wallpapers


To delete a file from the current playlist and also from your computer, right click on that file in the Playlist and in the pop-up menu select "Delete from hard drive". You can also use the keyboard shortcut: Control+Delete. Use this function for ugly wallpapers :)

The deleted file can or cannot be recovered from the Recycle Bin depending on how you set the Delete function (the possibilities are: 'Delete to Recycle Bin' or to 'Delete to Nowhere'.



Add new files to the playlist and delete the old ones


While dragging pictures from Windows Explorer into BioniX Desktop Wallpaper Changer, hold the SHIFT key if you want to delete the old files from playlist and replace them with the dragged files.



Useful settings


Check the "Start BioniX at Windows start-up" box if you want start BioniX Desktop Wallpaper whenever your computer starts.

You can keep BioniX Desktop Wallpaper on top of other applications. Check the "Keep on top" check box.

BioniX Desktop Wallpaper can make a sound every time it changes your wallpaper.

Check the 'Auto-update' checkbox to let BioniX Desktop Wallpaper to search for updates every time it starts.



Remote control


You can use BioniX Desktop Wallpaper as an image viewer:

Press the 'Minimize all' and 'Hide desktop icons' button. The screen will be now clear. Call the 'Remote control' by pressing the 'Remote control' button. On the 'Remove control' use the 'Previous/Next wallpaper' button to navigate between your wallpapers.


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