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Feature request






Vote for your preferred feature


There are close to 100 features that we want to implement in the next release. Vote for your favorite feature(s) now.

How it works? Features are implemented by their priority and by the complexity (time required to implement it). The priority is set based on the votes from the users.


Therefore, vote now for the features you want most!

Submit your own feature request


Don't hesitate to submit feature requests at We will gladly receive your feedback. Please make sure you clearly explain your requests. Add screenshots if necessary.

Please note that if you request a new feature that is not in the list it will have to enter to the list and to be voted high by other users in order to get implemented. You can vote only once BUT you can recommend BioniX to your friends and ask them to vote.



Speedy implementation


We know that some customers need a certain feature implemented as soon as possible. For a price we can implement your feature exactly as you want in less than 5 working days. Please explain your request and ask a price quote.



Bug reports


Please follow this procedure if you want to submit a bug report.




Feature request status


Total items to implement: 143

Estimated time required: 484 minutes



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