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Flickr Mass Downloader

Release history





Flickr Mass Downloader v4.0


Fixed bug in license system Bug fixed




Flickr Mass Downloader v3.0


New button 'Open output folder' that will open the folder in Explorer New feature
The GUI was redesigned Improvement
Download and preview picture in separate thread. This makes the GUI more responsive Improvement
If the name of the picture is too long, it will be shortened Improvement
Click on Preview panel to view the program in Full Screen mode Improvement
By default, the Output folder was set to be 'Desktop\BioniX Flickr Wallpapers\download images' Improvement
Don't download duplicates Improvement
Add a real value for 'Show only images with resolution over' Improvement
When the 'Download all' button was pressed show the pictures in Preview panel as they are ready/downloaded Improvement
Search pictures by picture date Improvement
Picture preview closes on mouse click also Improvement




Flickr Mass Downloader v2.0


Search pictures by picture date New feature
Search pictures by popularity New feature
Search pictures by relevance New feature
Preview photo detail on click New feature
Users can set the size of thumbnails New feature
Download image on double click New feature
New Preview panel New feature
View image on single click New feature
Clear Preview image when starting a new search New feature
Click on Preview panel to view picture in full screen New feature
New logo in About tab Improvement
Filter by resolution Improvement
Show user message "no result found" if needed Improvement
Pictures are not displayed properly into Viewer Bug fixed
'Stop' button should be disabled until 'Search' or 'Download All' button was clicked Bug fixed




Flickr Mass Downloader v1.7


Improved search. Now returns more relevant pictures Improvement
If 'Show only pictures with resolution over' checkbox is checked and resolution is 1900x1200 only 5-6 images are shown on page Bug fixed
If 'Show only pictures with resolution over' is checked and resolution is 1900x1200 the program is not downloading all images Bug fixed
Progress bar not showing any progress while downloading a page Bug fixed
After search is done the progress bar is visible. It must be invisible. Bug fixed
Filter images not working properly Bug fixed
Not downloading a picture above the resolution set by user Bug fixed
The size of some picture not displayed properly Bug fixed
Not downloading all images from a page Bug fixed





Flickr Mass Downloader v1.5


Nice names to pictures Improvement
No preview image shown for some images. There are just empty slots because of broken HTML Improvement
Show picture height and width Improvement
Overwrite images with the same name Bug fixed





Flickr Mass Downloader v1.4


Possibility to search only images with a certain resolution New feature
Search by name New feature
Speed improvement Improvement





Flickr Mass Downloader v1.3


When "Download this page" action is done the message in the status bar is "Done downloading". Improvement
Explanation for red borders Improvement
Getting the actual photos name from Flickr Improvement
If "Flickr key" is empty the program will not show any message to let the user know that something is wrong Bug fixed
Remove right click menu from the window where the picture are Bug fixed
Row not visible in the "How to use it" section from "About" tab Bug fixed
"Download this page" button should be disabled after "Download all" button was pressed Bug fixed
When starting application for the first time the buttons from "Wallpapers" tab overlap Bug fixed
"Next" button is disable when user clicks on an picture then press "Backspace" key or "Previous" Bug fixed
Not showing any message if "Output folder" filed is empty Bug fixed
The specified path not found when downloading a picture Bug fixed
Flickr license key issues. Bug fixed





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