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BioniX Desktop Wallpaper

Short intro






BioniX Desktop Background Switcher is the oldest (1998) most popular because it offers features that no other desktop Background Switcher offers.



How to start?

  1. Drag and drop your own images into the playlist.
  2. Set the timer to a interval that suits you - for example at 5 minutes. This way, every 5 minutes you will have a fresh wallpaper on your desktop.

You want to change the wallpaper right now? Just double click any image in your Playlist.


Desktop Wallpaper backgrounds intro



10 cool things you can do with BioniX right away


  • If you are not computer-savvy and you are scared by the complexity of BioniX, you can switch to "Minimalistic interface" (F9 on your keyboard). Only the main functions will be shows and BioniX window will take less desktop space.
  • You can use a GIF file as animated wallpaper. Just double click any animated GIF file in your playlist.
  • You can add online images (from any website) and dynamic web cams directly into your playlist. BioniX will automatically download those images. (Press Insert key on your keyboard)
  • You can show dark images at night and light images during the day
  • You can put a collage of images on your desktop
  • You can show an animated clock on your desktop and have it show a reminder every x hours (like "go buy milk)
  • You are downloading lots of wallpapers every day but are lazy to update your playlist? Use "Lock on folder" to have BioniX automatically include the new downloaded wallpapers into the playlist.
  • You can have specific wallpapers shows a specific time. BioniX can decode the time from file's name.
  • For wallpapers that are smaller than your desktop
  • you can have BioniX fill the area that is not covered by the wallpaper with a certain color so you can have a seamlessly transition (see the "Auto background" tab).

  • You can control BioniX even if it is minimized with system-wide keyboard shortcuts. For example press Ctrl+Alt+N to put the next wallpaper on your desktop or if you are suing "blonde" wallpapers you can press Ctrl+Alt+P to immediately switch to Panic mode.




It doesn't work?


BioniX Background Switcher is jam-packed with features. If something doesn't work, probably you unknowingly changed some settings or you are using the program the wrong way. For example: tiny (small resolution) images don't look good as wallpaper. Therefore, BioniX Background Switcher has a special filter that will reject all small images. As the filter is active by default (can be deactivated in 'Settings'), a beginner user may think that program is malfunctioning because it refuses to add all images to the playlist. The conclusion is: if something seems to be broken, probably isn't. Give it some time before you decide to uninstall the program!



No need to read the user manual


If you have questions about a specific button on BioniX's interface, just hold the mouse over that button and a tool-tip will pop-up, displaying information about it.




Tips and tricks


Quickly add wallpapers to your playlist


You can drag and drop files and even folders from Windows Explorer into BioniX Desktop Wallpaper.



Quickly load a playlist file


In Windows Explorer, double click a playlist file (files with '.Bionix' extension) to load that playlist in BioniX Desktop Wallpaper. This will also start BioniX Desktop Wallpaper if isn't already started.
You can also quickly switch between playlist from the 'Playlist -> Recent playlists' menu.



Permanently deleting wallpapers


To delete a wallpaper from the current playlist just select that wallpaper and press Delete on your keyboard. The wallpaper will not be removed from your hard drive!

To delete the wallpaper also from your hard drive, right click on that file in the Playlist and in the pop-up menu select "Delete from hard drive". You can also use the keyboard shortcut: Control+Delete. Use this function for ugly wallpapers :)

From the Settings window you can instruct BioniX to delete the file to Recycle Bin or to 'nowhere' (deletion cannot be undone).


Useful settings
  • Check the "Start BioniX at Windows start-up" box if you want start BioniX Desktop Wallpaper whenever your computer starts.
  • You can keep BioniX Desktop Wallpaper on top of other applications. Check the "Keep on top" check box.
  • BioniX Desktop Wallpaper can make a sound every time it changes your wallpaper.
  • Check the 'Auto-update' checkbox to let BioniX Desktop Wallpaper to search for updates every time it starts.



Switch to full screen (use BioniX as an image viewer)


You can use BioniX Desktop Wallpaper as an image viewer:

Press the 'Minimize all' and 'Hide desktop icons' button. The screen will be now clear. Call the 'Remote control' by pressing the 'Remote control' button. On the 'Remove control' use the 'Previous/Next wallpaper' button to navigate between your wallpapers.



You can ask for more


Do you need a specific feature that is not implemented in BioniX Wallpaper? Place a feature request!



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