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BioniX Wallpaper Changer

Version Date Download link Antivirus report
v9.102 20 July 2017 Download Google VirusTotal

How to install BioniX?

  • You can install BioniX even if you don't have administrator privileges/password (as guest user)
  • Install BioniX in any folder to which you can write. If you want to install it in Program Files see below.
  • If you already have BioniX Wallpaper installed, you MUST to stop it before installing the new version!




What's new in v9?

  • Major speed improvements.
  • Package size massively reduced.
  • Add online images (URLs) directly into your playlist. Now you can see great wallpapers on your desktop without the need to have those wallpapers in your computer!
  • Show animated GIFs as animated wallpaper.
  • Change wallpaper only at hours specified by user. For example, daily at say 5PM.
  • Download thousands of wallpapers with Automatic Image Downloader and Flickr Mass Downloader tools.
  • Best fill / best fit.
  • Photo Pile Builder allows you to compile a 'pile' of photos and set it as desktop wallpaper.
  • Extended list here

wallpaper photo pile


BioniX Wallpaper Changer on YouTube



This video presents three of the over 250 features of BioniX Wallpaper Changer:

  • Lock on folder
  • Wallpaper enhancement
  • Perfect tile


Install BioniX Wallpaper Changer to Program Files

BioniX is a system-independent, crap-free application. You don't need admin rights to install it... except for Program Files. Program Files is a system-protected folder. To install the program there, just start the Setup and navigate to Program Files (x86). Create a folder called "Bionix" or so. The system will ask you to enter your admin passwords in order to give you permissions to create the folder. At the end of the setup procedure Windows may show you a message that says: "Program Compatibility Assistant-This program might not have installed correctly" and will give you the following options:
[Reinstall using recommended settings]
[This program installed correctly]
Choose: "This program installed correctly" and say "fuck you Microsoft for this". That's it. Enjoy BioniX.


 BioniX certified as SAFE TO INSTALL by Softpedia

New tool!

Automatic Image Downloader allows you to download all wallpapers from any web site


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