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BioniX Animated Wallpaper

Animate your life


What is BioniX Animated Desktop Wallpaper?


BioniX Animated Desktop Wallpaper is a 100% FREEWARE program that allows you to have animated wallpaper (animated GIF files) on your Windows desktop. 



How to install/remove BioniX Animated Desktop Wallpaper


Update 2017: This program was integrated in the BioniX Wallpaper Changer package. To set a GIF as animated wallpaper simply drag and drop that file in BioniX Wallpaper Changer and double click it. That's it



Video tutorial


BioniX Animated Desktop Wallpaper

Package Date Download link
v9.13Use GIF as desktop wallpaper March 2017 Download



Portability & safety

BioniX Animated Desktop Wallpaper application is portable. You can just copy it on a USB stick and take it with you. No installation required. Our software installs no garbage runtime libraries (Java, DotNet, IE updates, DLLs, plugins/libraries, registry keys, etc) in your system.



How to use BioniX Animated Desktop Wallpaper?


The program is very easy to use. All you have to do is to navigate to folder containing the GIF files. The program will list all GIF files in that folder. Just click a GIF picture and BioniX Animated Desktop Wallpaper will use it to animate your desktop.


BioniX Animated Desktop Wallpaper-screenshot


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How to use it with AVI files


The current version does not support AVI files but we intend to add support for AVI. Anyway, the program can put your favorite movie on the desktop if you convert it to AVI.

  1. Download & install 'Movie 13' from here .
  2. Run 'Movie 13' and go to ‘Tools’ menu and choose ’AVI to GIF converter’
  3. Click on ‘Open AVI’ button and choose the file you want to convert
  4. Click on ‘Convert’ button
  5. Click on ‘Save GIF’ button and choose where you want to save the file
  6. Use BioniX Animated Desktop to put the movie on desktop
  7. Enjoy



Demo animated wallpapers for your monitor/desktop


Animated desktop wallpaper changer



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